31. August 2018
Do you want to go to the next level in your JCI career? Are you eager to share your growth & development experience in JCI with other members and organizations around Europe? How about becoming part of 2019 JCI European Development Council team? JCI Europe is opening a call for applications for 2019 JCI EDC team. The dealine to apply is 4th September 2018. All relevant information can be found here.
05. April 2018
EDC announce a call for applications for 2018 JCI EDC Growth & Development Academy. The Academy will take place prior to the 2018 JCI European Conference in Riga, Latvia between 15th and 18th June 2018.
27. February 2018
JCI Active Citizen Framework is one of the highlights and emphasis in 2018 JCI Plan of Action. The tool has proven to be effective around the world and Local and National Organizations have created success and impact by following the guidelines of JCI Active Citizen Framework. Now JCI Europe and JCI European Development Council are looking for individual members for JCI Active Citizen Framework Ambassadors for Europe. Deadline for applications: 20 March 2018.
27. February 2018
JCI European Development Council is looking for individual members to become Growth and Development Experts to support the growth and development in Europe, in local and national level. The purpose of the program is to build bigger pool of experts to work on growth and development matters locally, nationally and internationally, and work together with JCI European Development Council on specific tasks and assignments. Dealine for applications: 20 March 2018.
21. January 2018
JCI European Development Council arranges growth and development themed program in upcoming 2018 JCI European Conference in Riga. We want you to share your expertise by facilitating a session related to growth and development of Local and/or National Organizations. So, if you have a great training course to boost growth and development – we want to hear from you! Submit your proposed skills development session at jci.cc till 9th February 2018!
01. April 2017
Our paths through problem solving and solution finding to take our local and national organisations towards sustainable growth.